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January 8, 2023

Brazil. Wonderful land. Blessed soil. A land that still does not deserve to have rulers who truly love it. I begin this article thinking about the wonder that Geography offers us. But… When that little word appears, believe me, something heavy comes later. And the weight I will describe now.

Sunday, January 8, 2023. It could have been another Sunday, but… it wasn't. It wasn't because the country is contaminated with a disease called Bolsonarism, derived from Bolsonaro, Yes, that fleeing president, conspiracy, denialist and if you allow me, I will speak the psychologue we use in everyday life.

I have for myself that the guy, Bolsonaro, has serious problems with his self-esteem, that he was a mediocre soldier, who planned a terrorist attack in the barracks. In his biography, there is nothing of relevant facts, of anything he has done for good. I forgot. Well, just for your family. And then, it is worth mentioning, that he “spoiled” the children, imposing his lack of morals, ethics and respect. But I will stick to January 8, 2023.

Like a legion of demons, his followers destroyed the buildings of the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, the latter being the most damaged, as it is the main target of his insane wrath. For 4 years, he sold the lie that the electronic voting system in our country was subject to fraud. He spoke exhaustively, tried to impose manual voting (ballots) as it was done in the old days.

He and his sons were elected under that voting system. They never questioned him. However, due to his criminal acts, there are numerous lawsuits against him and thus, with privileged jurisdiction, he would be shielded. And so he sold this idea that the electoral system is rigged. That any result other than his re-election would be fraud. on October 30, 2022, in the second round, he was defeated by Luis Inácio Lula da Silva. That's where the scam starts. Indignant, he fell silent and his silence was the signal to start the coup. Encampments in front of barracks across the country were formed and their supporters called for: MILITARY INTERVENTION NOW; 1964 AGAIN.

It is inadmissible that someone with the least intelligence ask that a country be governed by the military. They already left after the March 31, 1964 coup. And the result was not at all good, as the country had a setback that now ends up in the hands of this criminal. Thousands of people destroyed the heritage of the Brazilian people. They literally destroyed the palaces of the Brazilian government. In Bolsonaro's head, which I now write in lowercase letters, because smallness does not allow his name to be written in capital letters, as is written for all other mortals. His dream of society is that people are free to do what they want. But there is no complete freedom. For this, he did everything to put an end to the Judiciary, fiercely, tirelessly attacking Minister Alexandre de Moraes, taking personal offenses, disqualifying him in every possible way. Perhaps, he has this scolding for the intelligence of the Minister who always acts in accordance with the laws of the country. But Bolsonaro doesn't care about laws. Anderson Torres, who was his Minister of Justice, with preventive detention decreed, had in his residence, what would be a draft for Lula's election to be annulled, where Bolsonaro would establish a State of Defense in the TSE (SUPERIOR ELECTORAL COURT).

Yes, he thought about changing the election result. Spoiled little boy who doesn't know how to lose. In fact, I put it again here, that he is a very stupid being. I already wrote an article talking about it. His lack of morals is endless. And then there are the supporters. Its majority is composed of rich people, and at the other end, the evangelicals who seek the kingdom of God in heaven, wanting to impose this disqualified subject down our throats. And do you want to know? I felt disgusted by those people, wrapped in the Brazilian Flag, making it a rag for their filthy bodies after 2 months of camping. They defecated in the cabinet, tore up works of art, squandered the heritage. Evangelical pastors, for the most part, are responsible for this. Entrepreneurs, sertanejos and other artists who lost their sanity supporting this worm. And they still haven't stopped. It will take a while for them to understand that they are living in a parallel reality that Bolsonaro has imposed. These people endure critical sense, prayed for tires, marched. They give life to the rotten universe that Bolsonaro created. Almost 1400 arrested. People taken for free to Brasilia, where their minds were kidnapped, and they went into action with the connivance of the police and the army. If Bolsonaro kills the son of any of these people, for example, they are able to say that the captain has some reason to kill his son. I can't stand Bolsonaro anymore, I can't stand patriots anymore, I can't stand pastors and all the legions of demons that these beings carry in themselves, within themselves. Too elastic morality has taken immorality to an almost infinite level. I don't want dictatorship. Army, pay attention: if you want respect, give respect. Its history is full of coups, with officials colluding with barbarism. It is not by supporting a mequetrefe scammer that he will gain the respect of a good part of the population. Finally, bolsonaro looks like a cancer. He is the tumor that grows, and whoever embarks on his insane journey becomes a metastasis. Don't be metastasis. to support it after all that is to fall right into something like an amoeba. Be more than a cell.


In time: while human beings, all over the planet, give their lives to be able to express themselves in democracy, fighting for it, a rotten part of Brazil commits terrorist acts calling for a military dictatorship. In fact, I believe that in Brazil, many people have mental amoeba.



Fernanda Pietra
Enviado por Fernanda Pietra em 13/01/2023


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